Let it Be painting delivered to the Mayor's office

On April 11th, I delivered my newly completed painting to the office of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. The painting is titled: Let it Be

48” x 72” acrylic on board

Through the connections of a gentleman I know, Jim Kroll, who is the manager of the Western History/Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library, this painting will be on loan to be hung in the offices of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock in the City County Building downtown. The painting will be in the mayor's office at least through the rest of 2016.

This is a really nice opportunity for me and it will afford me some pretty sweet exposure. After a couple of years with this piece in the studio, it feels good to bring this one in for a landing.

The painting is a scene that took place in downtown Denver in 2012 at the end of Denver’s annual Martin Luther King Marade, one of the country’s largest MLK parades. This Denver choir, who I followed for the last mile of the Marade route, is standing on Colfax Avenue, just west of Broadway. As they were singing their final songs of the march I was able to capture a number of beautiful images which I used as inspiration for the painting.