Book Signing

On Saturday, 11th, 2015, Sharon and I hosted a book signing at Mad Beans Coffee & Wine bar. We had a great turnout, maybe 40 or so friends and family moved in and out. It was a great time. We sold 35 books and I signed between 45 or 50 books. Some folks brought in books they'd purchased online. Sharon oversaw the sales and the hospitality of it all. Her smile and warmth gave everyone an immediate sense of welcome and acceptance.

Also, I was just contacted by my friend, Shaul, that the manager/owner of Cascades Bookstore in Grand Lake is interested in putting the book on the shelves there. We'll see how that shakes down.

I should certainly try to see if Tattered Cover here in Denver might be interested too.

I've been building rustic frames in which to mount the original book art. These will be offered for sale up at the ranch. I hope we sell at least three. This will cover my expense from the purchase of framing tools, etc. Anything beyond that will be money in the bank. That'd be nice. If we happen to sell all 34 pieces, well, that'd be great.