Haiku paintings are now available for purchase @ davependleton.com!

Hi everybody,

Great news!

I'm happy to announce that my series of Haiku paintings are now available to purchase online at davependleton.com.

Each of these pieces is a hand built, hand painted illustration on board spotlighting Haiku, a small robot made from discarded boxes and wooden serving utensils. The dimensions of each piece is 2.75x8x8 inches. They can be hung on the wall or sit on a shelf.

Most of the time, Haiku is seen simply observing things. He is childlike in his curiosity and most of the time, he's seen simply observing and contemplating things, sort of an accidental philosopher. He is brave and he understands what is good and beautiful. Without effort, he stands for truth, beauty, freedom and love. In no particular order.

Go to davependleton.com and click on the Haiku Shop link. There you will see 20 (or so) Haiku paintings. If you find one you cant live without, buy it!


Thanks, guys!