Let it Be painting delivered to the Mayor's office

On April 11th, I delivered my newly completed painting to the office of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. The painting is titled: Let it Be

48” x 72” acrylic on board

Through the connections of a gentleman I know, Jim Kroll, who is the manager of the Western History/Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library, this painting will be on loan to be hung in the offices of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock in the City County Building downtown. The painting will be in the mayor's office at least through the rest of 2016.

This is a really nice opportunity for me and it will afford me some pretty sweet exposure. After a couple of years with this piece in the studio, it feels good to bring this one in for a landing.

The painting is a scene that took place in downtown Denver in 2012 at the end of Denver’s annual Martin Luther King Marade, one of the country’s largest MLK parades. This Denver choir, who I followed for the last mile of the Marade route, is standing on Colfax Avenue, just west of Broadway. As they were singing their final songs of the march I was able to capture a number of beautiful images which I used as inspiration for the painting.


Book Signing

On Saturday, 11th, 2015, Sharon and I hosted a book signing at Mad Beans Coffee & Wine bar. We had a great turnout, maybe 40 or so friends and family moved in and out. It was a great time. We sold 35 books and I signed between 45 or 50 books. Some folks brought in books they'd purchased online. Sharon oversaw the sales and the hospitality of it all. Her smile and warmth gave everyone an immediate sense of welcome and acceptance.

Also, I was just contacted by my friend, Shaul, that the manager/owner of Cascades Bookstore in Grand Lake is interested in putting the book on the shelves there. We'll see how that shakes down.

I should certainly try to see if Tattered Cover here in Denver might be interested too.

I've been building rustic frames in which to mount the original book art. These will be offered for sale up at the ranch. I hope we sell at least three. This will cover my expense from the purchase of framing tools, etc. Anything beyond that will be money in the bank. That'd be nice. If we happen to sell all 34 pieces, well, that'd be great.

Signatures for posterity

Yesterday, David Craig (author of the children's book that I recently illustrated) and I, met with Jim Kroll, Manager of the Western History/Genealogy Department at Denver Public Library. Jim oversees the library's collection of books by Colorado authors. The library purchased a copy of our book, Petey and Wolf, and Jim asked us to add our signatures to the book for posterity. So now our names and our work are officially a part of the library's catalogue of books by Colorado authors.

Bully for us!

Haiku paintings are now available for purchase @ davependleton.com!

Hi everybody,

Great news!

I'm happy to announce that my series of Haiku paintings are now available to purchase online at davependleton.com.

Each of these pieces is a hand built, hand painted illustration on board spotlighting Haiku, a small robot made from discarded boxes and wooden serving utensils. The dimensions of each piece is 2.75x8x8 inches. They can be hung on the wall or sit on a shelf.

Most of the time, Haiku is seen simply observing things. He is childlike in his curiosity and most of the time, he's seen simply observing and contemplating things, sort of an accidental philosopher. He is brave and he understands what is good and beautiful. Without effort, he stands for truth, beauty, freedom and love. In no particular order.

Go to davependleton.com and click on the Haiku Shop link. There you will see 20 (or so) Haiku paintings. If you find one you cant live without, buy it!


Thanks, guys!






Welcome to the new site.

Hi, guys, 

Welcome to my new site. I'm happy with this rebuild. I was shooting for a clean, elegant, minimalist design that's simple to navigate and gives easy access to my work. 

I'll begin posting here regularly about my work and other creative stuff that I'm involved in. Check back regularly and I'll do my best to say something interesting, or at least show you something sacred and cool.




Building this site

This newly built site is registered with a new host, Squarespace. I'm very happy so far, beautiful interface, easy to create. I'll link my domain to this site next week when it expires with Gandi. That's convenient timing. 

Monday morning meds

Arriving at the coffee shop, bag slung to the right, reading (or writing), a doppio espresso, a mineral water and a plain croissant begin my week. It's been almost a year since I began this Monday morning ritual before gliding (or slouching) back to the studio. Long live the ritual.