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Painting delivered

The new painting, 'Let it Be' was delivered to the Mayor's office on Monday, April 11th and will be on display there through 2016. I had the happy surprise of having my dad with me as it was shown to the office staff including Mayor Hancock as well. The Mayor is a fine fellow and was very generous with his words of appreciation for the painting. 

I'm very grateful to have this work on display in the mayor's office. I have already received some very kind words of encouragement and recognition from a number of staff and judges who work in the City County building and who have taken time to go view the painting.

It is my intention to find a permanent home for this work, so I'm keeping all lines open to speak with all parties interested in the terms of purchase and transfer.


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New Work

With gusto, I've returned to a painting that I began 2 years ago. The pause on this piece was due to my year and a half spent working on illustrating a children's book written by David Craig, general manager of C Lazy U Ranch, located outside of Granby, Colorado. The project was a great experience and David remains a pleasure to work with. In David, I have certainly gained not only a generous professional and creative colleague, but he's certainly someone I count as a friend.

Regarding the new painting, once complete, I've received reliable confirmation that the piece will be welcomed to be hung in the offices of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock in the Denver City County Building. This is really exciting for me. The painting has been deeply satisfying and inspirational to me as I've worked on it and I hope that it brings a great deal of enjoyment and inspiration to the mayor's staff as well.

I'll recount how the delivery of the piece goes in the next few weeks. Hoping to have it on the wall by the end of March.




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Petey & Wolf book release

I've just completed my first children's book illustration project. The book will be released locally this summer. Stay tuned for details and updates!